Webinar Series

After the success of the 'Ageing and Safe Mobility: 21st Century Streets' webinar series in 2020, we are launching further sessions to shine a light on important issues around safety for older road users.

The ageing population is well understood as one of the grand challenges facing the UK and many industrialised nations. Meanwhile, mobility in later life is associated with key beneficial effects on well-being, physical health, economic activity and wider community engagement. In this webinar series we will explore a number of the issues impacting on safe mobility in later life, discussing current thinking with the various report authors and leading researchers.

All sessions are free: Register for future sessions or access recordings of previous webinars using the links below:

Launch of the Older Drivers Task Force Report

Launch of the five-year review of the Older Drivers Task Force publication of “Supporting Safe Driving into Old Age”. Session hosted by Dan Campsall, with guest speakers John Plowman, Chair of Older Drivers Taskforce alongside Kate Fuller, Brian Lawton, Suzy Charman, Rob Heard and Jolyon Carroll.

Developing our understanding of Older Drivers

Older Mobility takes a deep dive into some of the latest DfT funded research programmes. Starting with the IAMRoadSmart older driver survey, Neil Greig and Rebecca Ashton will present findings. This will be accompanied by an exploration of the potential use of mobile simulators as a screening tool for older drives, based on a pilot study conducted by Agilysis. Tanya Fosdick will host and will be joined by Dr George Ursachi.

Older Mobility & the wider policy landscape

In this session, Adrian Walsh, executive director of RoadSafe introduces the Older Mobility programme and Tanya Fosdick, head of research at Agilysis, presents an overview of how ageing and mobility interact with many aspects of the public policy landscape. Session chaired by Dan Campsall.

Older Mobility with British Society of Gerontology

In this session a panel of leading academics discuss a range of issues related to ageing and continued mobility. Charles Musslewhite, Ian Shergold and Ben Spencer are be joined by host, Dan Campsall, to look at issues around transport innovation, reducing traffic to encourage active travel and the emergence of autonomous shuttles.

Safe roads & road use for an ageing population

In this session, Kate Fuller (Road Safety Foundation) and George Ursachi (Agilysis) present an overview of how ageing and mobility interact with aspects of road design and safe road use.

Safer vehicles & post-crash care

In this session we discuss the role of vehicle technology and the range of post collision response measures that might contribute to safer outcomes. We are joined by vehicle safety expert Paul Fay and Laurence Atchison, formerly of the European Transport Safety Council who have written pillar studies on Safe Vehicles and Post Crash Response.

Technology & self-regulation for older drivers

In this session we discussed the role of self regulation and technologies that might contribute to safer outcomes. We are joined by Dr Julie Gandolfi from Driving Research who's report 'Supporting older driver mobility and effective self-regulation' conducted a thorough literature review on the subject for the RAC Foundation in January 2020.