Improving mobility for an ageing population

We live in a country where, by 2040 nearly one in seven will be 75 or over. In just 5 years’ time the number of drivers over 85 will double to 1 million. The demographic imperative is that we do everything possible now to ensure that the increasing numbers of those who live to old age make the transition as smoothly and as safely as possible. We have focused on transport, specifically safe mobility. Older Mobility brings together research and evidence to help address these needs for an ageing population.

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In recent years the emphasis in research and among practitioners has often focussed on interventions for drivers as they age. In 2019, the Department for Transport awarded a grant to the leading road safety charity, RoadSafe, to develop a knowledge transfer programme to take forward the work on older drivers by widening its scope to address the risks to older road users, concentrating on the most vulnerable.

Combining a series of reports created specifically for the project and a library of research evidence is a valuable resource for those working in road safety, public health, transport planning, civic leadership and age-related charities.

The hub was launched in 2020 with a series of webinars, developed in conjunction with the British Society of Gerontology special interest group in transport and mobility to highlight some of the mobility challenges and solutions for an ageing population.

These sessions and the launch of this digital knowledge hub represent an important opportunity to work across sectors to develop insight and understanding.

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