Much of the work to draw attention to the issues around ageing and safe mobility has been pioneered by age-related charities and others working in the NGO sector.

‘Fit to Drive?’ from PACTS and ‘Supporting Safe Driving into Old Age’ from the Road Safety Foundation both signposted some of the structural challenges that need to be addressed to serve an ageing population who need to maintain mobility for longer. These reports provided some of the impetus to this project.

These pieces of work from the transport sector are only one side of the coin, as the age-related charities also push to ensure that older citizens are recognised for their huge contribution to society for which their continued safe mobility is vital.

The Policy Review drew extensively on work from these sources and our work was informed by an advisory panel that involved many of them. Our thanks go out to the organisations for the continued efforts in ensuring safe mobility in later life.

Older Driver Mobile Simulator Screening Research Report

A study to explore the potential use of mobile simulators to assess drivers' functional performance.
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Date added: 01-11-2021

Supporting Safe Driving into Old Age - Summary Report

A report by the Older Drivers' Task Force, supported by the Road Safety Foundation and DfT
Version: 2
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Date added: 01-11-2021

Supporting Safe Driving into Old Age - Technical Report

A report by the Older Drivers' Task Force, supported by the Road Safety Foundation and DfT
Version: 2
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Date added: 29-10-2021

Encouraging & Enabling Active Travel

Dr Ben Spencer from Oxford Brookes provides insights from CycleBOOM, engaging older people with cycling & considers issues facing active older people during the coronavirus pandemic.
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Date added: 13-07-2020

Innovation in Older People's Safe Driving

Dr Charles Musselwhite from the Centre for Innovative Ageing considers the mobility needs of older citizens and how innovation can address some of these needs without compromising safety.
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Date added: 13-07-2020

LSAVs: Benefits & Risks to Older People

Dr Ian Shergold from the Centre for Transport & Society at the University of the West of England reveals findings from studies involving older people with local shared autonomous vehicle.
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Date added: 13-07-2020

Older Mobility & the wider policy landscape

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Inclusive Cycling in Cities and Towns

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Cycling Walking Investment Strategy Safety Review

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Date added: 21-04-2020

Gender Differences in the Behaviour of Older Drivers

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Date added: 07-04-2020

Future Ageing Transport evidence review

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Handbook for Designing Roadways for the Aging Population

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Later life in the United Kingdom

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Ageing Better - Transforming later Lives

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Ready for Ageing

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Healthy lives, Healthy people

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Road Risk and Vulnerable Road User Working Paper

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Driving choices for the Older Motorist

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Victoria Walks - Safer road design for older pedestrians

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Older female drivers

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Clinicians Guide to Older Drivers

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Older Drivers Task Force

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PACTS fitness to drive report 2016

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Older Pedestrians and Road Safety - Research debrief

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