Older Mobility & the wider policy landscape

Date: 4th June 2020

Time: 2:00pm - 3.00pm

The 'Ageing and Safe Mobility: 21st Century Streets' webinar series is running through June & July. In this session, Adrian Walsh, executive director of RoadSafe introduces the Older Mobility programme and Tanya Fosdick, head of research at Agilysis, presents an overview of how ageing and mobility interact with many aspects of the public policy landscape. Session chaired by Dan Campsall.

The challenges associated with maintaining safe mobility for an ageing population will necessarily require the engagement of a wider array of Whitehall departments and areas of public policy.

Our Policy Landscape report is the culmination of work to map the current policy landscape with a view to examining the challenges, opportunities, barriers and research gaps to delivering fair, accessible and safe mobility to those in later life. The purpose is to understand the public policy domains which can affect safety and mobility amongst an older population; and in turn, identify where improved safe mobility can positively affect these other policy domains.

This webinar is part of 'Ageing and Safe Mobility: 21st Century Streets' series, find out more about the other webinars below:

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After each webinar, we will make the recording and any presentation slides available here for review.

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